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TDoS has over 50 years of experience bringing together interior architecture, signage, branding, and much more in creating luxury dreamscapes travelling the seas of the world. Thanks to a broad in-house design expertise, and an extensive global network of suppliers and consultants, TDoS do identify new trends years ahead, all in order to create unique brands and innovative solutions. ‘Quality tourism is one significant trend we work with,’ says Iina Forsblom, Cruise Newbuild Director, ’we have devised health spa for many years, now we are looking into health technology, different diets, while we at the same time see a trend toward smaller ships for smaller destinations.’ Tailored experiences aboard, with an abundance of choices, what Forsblom brand causal luxury, do focus on a multigenerational approach bringing kids, parents, and grandparents together. The new cruise concepts encompass new exciting culinary trends, while facilitating visits to adventurous places like the Artic, the Amazon, along with in-depth touring of historical cities and places. Sustainability is a driving force in choice of materials, energy-efficiency, and many other areas. ”We are designing brand new cruise ships, as well as bringing new interiors, signage, branding when refurbishing for both existent and new owners.’ adds Iina Forsblom, ‘Our extensive use of VR and 3D-design allows us the best communication with ship owners and potential investors in devising new experiences.’ Our expertise in refurbishment will blow new life in existing ships for current as well as new owners.


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Graphic & Signage


Seamless integrated signage is the key to optimizing flows on ships. Be it directions for the restaurant, announcement of yoga-classes or a trip up a river on a smaller raft, signage is of outmost importance in enabling the very best guest experience on any ship, big or small. It is that indispensable interface that guides passenger from the very moment they step out of their cabin in the morning, showing them the right direction forward by the pattern in the carpet. Always at hand, but never intruding, signage is an art form in itself. ‘The signage will be there when you need it, but you hardly see it when you don’t need it.’ says Carl Lesvoix, Partner / Graphic & Signage Director at TDoS. ‘Analogue combined with digital dynamic solutions let you know that there happens to be a long queue: why not stay a while at the sun deck, have drink in the bar, or browse the latest offers in the shop?’ Signage is crucial for the guest experience, as well as for the business, brand, and security. By highlighting essential and downplaying additional information, a graphic remake can be kept to a minimum while refurbishing ships. TDoS has devised graphic design since the ‘60s, and are well versed in what has worked in the past as well as all novelties like AR and AI. Among our customers we serve Disney Cruise Line, Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, Princess Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises, and many others with smart signage that is always at hand but never intruding.


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Sustainability is an integral part in the design process, in the engineering work, as well as the entire building process at shipyards around the world. At TDoS we work with a sustainable approach when we among different parameters assess sensor controlled lights and ventilation, natural lighting, energy glazing and external shades, climate shell, high efficiency appliances as well as solar power. Along with smart tech we explore the latest innovative renewable and recycled materials for interiors, and also how they cope with functional and aesthetic requirements, all in order to enhance the passenger experience. A green approach in the cruising industry will build trust with environmentally conscious cruise customers, and bring along a bespoke luxury catering for tailored experiences with a respect for our eco-systems.

In order to show what is possible by using green technology in order to fulfill the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, TDoS has created AEGIR 2.0, a concept study for a yacht with an extremely low environmental footprint. The wind-powered trimaran combines excellent hydronics with a hybrid wind-electric propulsion system that re-charges all batteries when under sail. Infinity pool at the aft, Jacuzzi in the fore, seamless indoor-to-outdoor transitions, the Aegir combines bespoke Scandinavian luxury with a truly sustainable approach. A real project is Hurtigruten’s three eco-friendly new ships. MS FRIDTJOF NANSEN, built in 2020, cuts CO2 emissions by some 20 percent thanks to improved hull structure and a world-first hybrid electric-powered cruise ship technology. Other than using LNG and LBG to run the engines, single-use-plastics is banned and food is mainly sourced locally.

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Design process


In every project we structure our creative ideas through an integrated methodology that pinpoints all the steps, from initial idea to crafted manufacturing. This helps us develop the best design solutions in close collaboration with our clients and their strategic intent. The methodology is divided into three main phases: Envision, Shape and Realize. Click on the icons to learn about each phase.

We also strengthen each project with an advisory board, a team of our most experienced designers and managers, to coach and make sure we deliver cutting edge, world class design. Every time.

  • Envision

  • Shape

  • Realise

Our Story


Tillberg Design of Sweden was founded in 1964 by Robert Tillberg around the time he was appointed coordinating interior architect for KUNGSHOLM, the Swedish American Line’s first true transatlantic ocean liner and cruise ship. The largest passenger vessel in Scandinavia by the time offered a light-colored interior in golden brown and blue hues, plenty of artworks, finely carved woodwork, all in all a luxury and at the same time easy-going Scandinavian style. Tillberg learned early on that the interior design of a ship was more than just carpets, furniture, and glassware, it amounted to the creating of entire dreamscapes where bespoke designs catered to every detail big or small. No wonder TDoS came up with the radical idea on how to expand and amplify the interiors with an atrium on SEA VENTURE  for Flagship Cruises (1971), as well as with invisible ventilation on HOMERIC (1986). With shipping companies from all over the globe, TDoS has produced hundreds of interiors through the years. Firmly rooted in its Scandinavian design heritage, TDoS has nevertheless accommodated different lifestyles like a British refined character for ORIANA (1995), full-throttle Far East-abundance aboard the luxurious Japanese SUPERSTAR LEO (1998) and SUPERSTAR VIRGO (1999), and many many other designs.

The changing demands of new generations are well taken care of at TDoS of today, all in the spirit of Robert Tillberg’s focus on the passenger experience. ‘We are talking theme-travels for young millennials and Generation Z,’ says Iina Forsblom, TDoS cruise design director. ‘They want diving, exploring the Artic, along with yoga and wellness. We are talking small submarines, helicopters, and long boating up the Amazon river, all in order to see the wonders of the world, and of course, with a sustainable approach.’ Regardless if its big cruise ships or yachts of various sizes, there is a growing demand for ever more original ideas. ‘The interiors we are making today are similar to the Swedish Grace style that Robert created in the ‘60s,’ explains Fredrik Johansson, TDoS partner. ‘It’s bespoke design once again although we nowadays are working in CAD and VR instead of drawing by hand.’



Creative Minds


Creativity is at the core of everything we do, from the sketch board to final delivery. We love good design and are deeply committed to it. Our teams work closely together regardless of job title, nurturing a philosophy without hierarchies, closed doors or glass ceilings. Today we are over a hundred creative minds in four countries, constantly looking for new talent.

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