“Our passion is to design unique creative environments”

Tillberg Design of Sweden is world leading design company for luxury cruise ship, hotel and restaurant interiors since 1964.

115 architects and designers are located in studios in Höganäs, Sweden, Wroclaw, Poland and Miami, USA.

We design award winning creative environments that are cutting edge contemporary as well as timeless and classic.

Our global client list includes major international cruise ship enterprises and exclusive boutique ships.


Three methods to bring dreams to life.

We love design, and clarify everything we do through a step-by-step integrated methodology that pinpoints every moment of a design process, from initial idea to crafted manufacturing. Simplified, the process consists of 3 main phases:, Envision, Shape, Realize. The methodology helps us to accomplish the best thinkable design solutions, that reflects the strategic intent of our clients, and is perfected in close collaboration between clients and our multi-disciplinary design team. And to make the design process even better, we reinforce each project with an advisory board, a team of Tillberg Design All-Stars to coach the progress and guarantee its full potential.


Research + Discovery.

An intensive 360° compilation phase is the beginning of each new project. We gather key influential data and channel our collective knowledge to research consumer experiences, interior trends, material studies and cultural events. These insights then becomes the platform for a spectra of thinkable design directions, and later helps us to determine which ones are the most suitable for further development. The result is an inspirational blend of equal parts new design and consumer expectations, to start shaping dreamable scenarios.


Creativity in high gear.

We articulate the design elements that will shape the new guest experience, and transform tons of design sketches and concepts into a workable reality. We dive really deep into the very core of this design phase, and use our archives of material,
shapes and colors to structure the palette of the new guest experience. And by adding customized furniture, carpets and graphics to the mix, we create unique scenarios for the guest to explore, interact and enjoy during their stay.


We put quality first.

In this phase we go into detail mode, zooming back to each individual design element, cross-referencing specifications, materials and colors, to confirm that the result is as we initially intended. It starts with the stroke of a pen and ends as a full sized walk-in prototype. Every detail is equally important in the creation of the optimal guest experience, and we spend ample time reviewing and reflecting on how we can become better. And so we start allover again.


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